The OFGH staff  prepares each program. Persons that assist with the program donate their time and travel expenses. The OFGH staff meets around 1:30 PM on scheduled Sundays to prepare the programs. Some volunteers are available for one taping per month and others work at each taping. The first church is scheduled beginning at 2:15 pm and others at 45 minute intervals. This provides time for one church to leave, another church to get in place, and the staff to prepare the equipment for the next program. On a typical Sunday afternoon, four tapes are prepared.

In addition to Brother and Sister Pitt, many people have assisted with preparing and distributing the tapes for the OFGH. Brother and Sister Pitt prepared a list of several that have assisted, but they were not sure that the following list is complete.

Bro. Jeff Brown, Bro. Danny Cothron, Sis. Kelly Dickerson, Bro. Kenneth Daughtry, Bro. Harold Dunn, Bro. Ron Galloway, Bro. Arnett Gregory, Bro. Steve Franklin, Bro. Gary Hall, Bro. Ed Hardee, Bro. James Arthur House, Bro. William House, Bro. Don Langford, Bro. Lonnie Meador, Bro. Mike Patterson, Bro. David Reed,  Bro. Leon Sherron, Bro. Steve Samson, Bro. William Sanford,  Chris Shoulders, Bro. Marcus Spicer, Bro. James Shoulders, Sis. Marilyn Spicer, Sis. Mary Stokes, Bro. Jimmy Suttle, Bro. Jimmy West, Bro. David Woodard, Bro. Mick Woodard and Sis. Sue Woodard.

In 2008, Sister Pitt was limited due to health issues and requested that the Board select someone else to serve as treasurer. February 1. 2008, Bro. Jason Lambert became Treasurer and Webmaster of the Old Fashion Gospel Hour.  Bro. Gary Hall had assisted the OFGH in upgrading our technology and had served as webmaster for several years.

The Old Fashion Gospel Hour work load continued to increase, and Bro. Jason Lambert requested help.  In 2010, the Board selected Bro. Farris Crook to serve as bookkeeper to receive and deposit all contributions and Brother Jerry Russell to serve as Treasurer.

The current staff members that produce and distribute the programs include Bro. Darrin Campbell,  Bro. Dwayne Deering, Bro. Edward Gann, Bro. Ottis Jones, Bro. Andy Knight, Sis. Sandra Knight,  Bro. Tyler Knight and Bro. Elon Wilkerson. In addition, Bro. G. W. Knight and Bro. Dean Dyer introduce the programs.