Eld. Bobby PittIn October 1975, the Lord called Elder Bobby Pitt to preach, and he felt the call to begin a television ministry. Brother Pitt was a member of Russell Hill Missionary Baptist Church, in Macon County Tennessee. Elder James Albert Porter knew about the call and learned about the possibility of a program on a small TV station, WCPT Channel 55, in Crossville, Tennessee. In Late 1975, Brother Pitt began a weekly program of his preaching and Sister Pitt singing.

At times, Brother and Sister Pitt did not know where the funds would come from for the program. Often as the outlook was bleak, the Lord, through one of His churches or children, would provide the needed funds. A number of churches made donations, but Brother and Sister Pitt spent over five thousand dollars of their own money. Brother Pitt did not feel that he could continue under these circumstances and gave up the work.

Later he received phone calls from the station. Due to the response of the listeners, the station wanted him to return to the program by faith, and they would work with Brother Pitt.

On Saturday, Sept. 2, 1978, Russell Hill Missionary Baptist Church voted in their regular business meeting to appoint a committee composed of Brother William House, their pastor, Brother Bob Pitt, and Brother Wash Thompson to be in charge of the work. The committee was the Old Fashion Gospel Hour Telecast Committee, Elder William House served as treasurer of the committee.

Russell Hill authorized the committee to ask the moderator, clerk, and treasurer of Enon, Wiseman, and Siloam Baptist Associations to assist them. A letter to Missionary Baptist Churches explained the great need to take advantage of the door that was open. After the first year, other preachers and singers were invited to appear on the telecast.

John Cunningham, the owner of the station, was a believer with a good testimony. After the first year, he supported the OFGH in many ways. His friend in Johnstown, Pennsylvania aired the OFGH for three or four years. After about five years, John Cunningham sold the TV station and it was moved to Murfreesboro. He was also blessed, as his son was saved during the time the program was shown on his station. Brother Pitt later preached John Cunningham’s funeral.

Brother H. C. Vanderpool provided valuable early assistance by providing information on the great opportunity for a Missionary Baptist program. He provided regular updates in the “Baptist Banner” on the progress of the work and encouraged support of the program.

When the station moved, the Lord led the OFGH to the old Rutland church building in Mt. Juliet. Equipment was purchased because TV studio equipment was not available. Many churches and children of God assisted in obtaining equipment. Maple Grove Number 2 and members Dean Dyer and Willie Petty assisted the OFGH with the purchase of a Video Mixer. The OFGH home was the Rutland church building.

After taping in the Rutland Church building for about five or six years, it was necessary to find a new home due to the condition of the building.

In 1986, Brother Pitt was called to pastor Longview Missionary Baptist Church. Longview, seeing the need for a new home for the Old Fashion Gospel Hour, authorized the Old Fashion Gospel Hour to tape the programs in the Church. Longview also set aside an unused room for use as an equipment room.

Brother Pitt moved the taping to a building located on the square in Hartsville in 1990, but the Old Fashion Gospel Hour needed a permanent home.

In 1992, Brother and Sister Pitt felt led to donate a building lot for a home for the Program. They financed, constructed, and deeded the lot and building to the Old Fashion Gospel Hour program. The building is now the permanent home for the OFGH.

In the early 1990’s, Brother and Sister Pitt felt led by the Spirit to request a group of Missionary Baptist ordained brethren to serve as a Board of Directors for the Old Fashion Gospel Hour. Brother Pitt served as Coordinator, and the Board provides assistance and counsel for the continued operation of the program. The original Board of Directors of  The Association of Missionary Baptist Television Broadcasters was Elder Bobby E. Pitt, Elder Billy Moran, Elder Dexter A. Bacon, Elder Rex Hunt, Elder Don Curtis, Elder Dean Dyer, Elder A. G. Gregory, Elder Hillman Duncan, and Elder Jerry L. Shrum

Brother Pitt, following the leadership of the Spirit, developed the Old Fashion Gospel Hour, constructed a permanent building, and formed a Board of Directors. By the leadership of the Spirit, the Lord developed a process for the program to continue under the authority of the Missionary Baptist Church preparing the program.

Brother Ed Hardy worked many hours on the production and distribution of the OFGH.  His vision of the studio formed the basis for the studio improvements in 2007.  The seats were placed on the floor, and the congregation camera was placed on a platform.  New lighting and color improved the recording quality.  He was recording and distributing the program when he passed away in early 2008.  Brother Ottis Jones assumed those duties after his death.

In 2008 and 2009, the audio recording system was improved with a new audio mixer and audio compressor.

Brother Bobby Pitt went home to be with the Lord July 19, 2009.  In preparation for this time, he began to share and transfer responsibilities to others as the Lord led.  When Brother Pitt’s voice became weak, Brother Dean Dyer and Brother G. W. Knight began to introduce the programs.  Brother Don Curtis began to schedule churches for the recording sessions. Sister Pitt, due to health issues, gave up her responsibility as treasurer, and Brother Jason Lambert became treasurer.  She continues to serve as Special Advisor to the Board.

In 2010, the work load increased to the point that Brother Jason Lambert requested help with the Treasurer and Webmaster duties.  Brother Lambert continued to serve as webmaster and produced the third generation of our web page.  Brother Farris Crook became Bookeeper to receive and deposit all funds, and Brother became Treasurer. During the 2010 summer recording break, the staff also upgraded the video recorrding equipment to high definition.

The Lord has provided burdens to Brother Darrin Campbell, Brother Dean Dyer, Brother Edward Gann, Brother Mike House, Sister Sheena House,  Brother Andy Knight,  Brother Tyler Knight, Brother G, W, Knight, Brother Steve Samson and Brother Elon Wilkerson  for the current production and distribution of the programs.

Brother Pitt’s Work for the Lord

We will miss Brother Pitt, but he, by the leadership of the Lord, had planned for the time that he would leave us.  His prayer was and our prayers are that you will see no change in how the Old Fashion Gospel Hour schedules, produces and broadcasts your church service for the Lord.

Brother Pitt attended the last recording session before his death, and at the last Board meeting, he discussed how he was looking forward to continued improvements in the quality of the Old Fashion Gospel Hour broadcasts.

The Lord has blessed the Old Fashion Gospel Hour over the years and today approximately eight-five churches from Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana  appear on television stations in Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN, Bowling Green, KY, Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN.

During the many years of the program, Brother Pitt pastored several churches. He began his pastoral work at Hope Missionary Baptist in Manchester, TN where he served four years. Longview Missionary Church in Gallatin, TN then called Brother Pitt to be their pastor, and he served four years.

Later, Brother Pitt served as pastor of El Bethel Missionary Church in Franklin KY, for seven years.

White Hill Missionary Baptist in White House, TN, then called Brother Pitt as pastor where he served approximately one year.

Brother Pitt heard about a preacher needing help at White Missionary Baptist Church in White, GA. He filled in when Brother Richard Huskins, the pastor, had a heart transplant. He assisted for approximately two years until Brother Huskins recovered and returned to the church.

The Lord led Brother and Sister Pitt to Harvest Missionary Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. Later, Brother Pitt served as interim pastor of Harvest for approximately six months where Brother and Sister Pitt were members at the time of Brother Pitt’s death.

Thank you for your support,

The Old Fashion Gospel Hour